The word Alumni is derived from the Latin verb alere  which means  “to nourish” and that is exactly what the alumni of Pathshala do. All of our regular Faculty at Pathshala is comprised of our alumni. Those who work in the press and fields of photography regularly stop by their old campus to share a cup of tea with the current students, imparting knowledge and sharing tips. The relationship between Pathshala alumni and Pathshala is a deep one, resembling familial ties, which is not surprising since at Pathshala we aim to create an atmosphere for free exchange of ideas and opinions.

Pathshala alumni have had their work exhibited all around the globe and showcased in publications such as Le Monde, Guardian and Time magazine to mention a few. They have been awarded and widely recognized by organizations such as World Press Photo, Alexia Foundation, Ian Parry Scholarship etc. Pathshala Alumni have been honored to attend the Joop Swart Masterclass on numerous occasions.

The spirit of giving back is strong within the alumni of Pathshala; they collect and organize funding for scholarships to current students, and are usually found imparting words of wisdom to the students over steaming cups of chai. Debates and endless arguments mark the free flow of ideas and experiences that Pathshala alumni disseminate.



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