Basic Photoshop Workshop

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Basic Photoshop Workshop

A workshop by Debasish Shom. The workshop is for anyone who uses Photoshop as their Digital Darkroom.

Workshop Starts: 07 & 08 April 2017

Course Structure: 2 days
Class Schedule: Friday and Saturday
Time: 11:00AM to 05:00 PM
Workshop Fees: BDT 4000

 Course Description:This introductory workshop covers the most important features that Photoshop has to offer to photographers. Students will learn to edit and manipulate their images for a range of potential outputs. The workshop will cover the entire digital workflow, from importing and managing the images via Adobe Bridge, to the many visual enhancement techniques available in Photoshop.

The first day introduces the idea of the digital workflow, and managing images in Adobe Bridge. Once this has been established, the focus will be on many tools and features that Photoshop has to offer, focusing on those that are most useful for photographers. The first day will also cover Light Adjustment: working with tools such as Level, Curve and Brightness/Contrast.

The second day will focus in-depth on image editing and enhancement, covering Colour Adjustment, converting Black and White (channel mixing etc.), as well as using Grain, Dodge and Toning. It will also cover working with Layers and Masking, introducing techniques for working with multiple layers, as well as adjustment layers. Finally, using the RAW Plug-In camera feature is also covered. At the end of the second day, there will be a Question and Answer session.

Course Contents
The workshop will cover topics includes Understanding Digital Work Flow, Managing Images in Adobe Bridge, Digital Concept, Most Useful Tools for Photographers, Light adjustment, Color adjustment, Practicing Light & Color Adjustment, Working with Layer, Adjustment Layer / Masking, Using Multiple Adjustment Layers, Practicing Adjustment Layers, Converting B/W, Using Grain, Using Dodge, Toning and Using Camera RAW Plug-in.

Entry Requirements
This workshop is designed for anyone who uses Photoshop as their digital darkroom.

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