‘Disappearing Roots’ by Pathshala Alumnus Samsul Alam Helal


A solo exhibition titled ‘Disappearing Roots’ by Pathshala Alumnus Samsul Alam Helal would be inaugurated on 23 March 2019 in Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy at 5 PM.

The work talks about displacement in the hill tracts of Bangladesh. The Kaptai dam was built in 1962 as a hydropower source, and it produces about 5% of the total electricity consumed by Bangladesh. People were displaced as a result of it; the palace of the Chakma king is also buried deep in the lake. A ‘chair’, symbolic representation of throne travels around the communities, at times the chair sits alone in the landscape, which is constantly under threat by the majority. Through sound, photographs, 3D model and video, the work emphases on to capture the remaining traces of the ancient ways of life, highlighting the violence of gentrification.

Exhibition Detail:
Inauguration: 23 March 2019, Time: 5 PM
Everyday Exhibition hours from 24 March to 29 March, Time: 11 AM to 8 PM
Venue: Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
14, 3 Segun Bagicha Rd, Dhaka-1000
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