Foundation Photography Course


The Foundation Course in Photography at Pathshala is a practice-based course that places emphasis on hands-on experience. The course is centered around workshops and assignments which the students complete, and that are then reviewed, and constructive criticism provided. This ongoing dialogue enables the students to refine their work, allowing them to move towards realizing their full artistic potential, as they learn practical skills, as well as developing their own visual style and voice. A wide range of photography styles are explored, including Street, Studio, Landscape and Portrait photography to name just a few, giving students the chance to experience the full spectrum of photographic styles and genres. The Foundation Course aims to develop students who embody the role of the contemporary visual media artist and communicator. In today’s digital environment, being able to work with digital darkroom and post-processing tools is almost as essential a skill as learning to frame an image, and the Foundation Course is very aware of this issue, with Digital Darkroom sessions being a core component of the course.

Admission is Open!

Evening Batch: 18 June 2019
Class Days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Class Time: 6 PM to 8 PM
Course Fees: BDT 7100

Weekend Batch: 28 June 2019
Class Days: Total 9 Fridays
Class Time: 3 PM to 7:30 PM
Course Fees: BDT 7600

The course will cover:

Techniques of Photography I: Exposure, Metering Mode
Techniques of Photography II: 
Natural Light, Artificial Light, Flash, White Balance
Techniques of Photography III:
Depth of Field, Shutter Speed
Review & Discussion on Techniques
Portrait Photography:
Human Face, Body, Emotion
Review on Portrait
Nature & Landscape Photography:
Nature, Pictorial Landscape, City Scape
Still Life:
Object, Still-life, Space
Review on Landscape and Still-life
Street Photography:
Street-life, Moment, Speed, Approach
People, Profession, Family, Interaction
Review & Discussion on Street & Daily Life
Studio Portrait Photography:
Studio Portraiture
Digital Darkroom I: 
Digital Workflow: Download, Rename, Resize & Storage
Digital Darkroom II:
Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, White Balance
Digital Darkroom III:
Color Adjustment & Use of Raw Plugin
Legal Right, Moral Behavior, Case Studies
Portfolio making :  
What is Portfolio and how to make portfolio

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