Interface Poster

Interface, the point of Louis Vuitton connection between two entities.

Unveiling the work of 12 young photographers, Interface deals with the nature of portraiture, Louis Vuitton uk which in its multiplicity of meanings has always been confrontational. One has to be in the presence of the subject and to build relationship.

These diverse photographs seem to embody the individual and collective experience, through exploring spaces and encountering strangers. Others have sought expression in projecting their own selves that Louis Vuitton outlet spill over reality.

A careful observation. Nothing is accidental.

Almost everything is Louis Vuitton sale ‘in control’.


Dieab Mahmud, Farhad Rahman, Amman Hussain, Rajon Roy, Al Mashud Nepun,

Zubaid Kadir Iznan, Alexander Miller, Raj Kisku,  Rezowana Chowdhury Xenia,

Md.Shamsul Arifin, Homayra Adiba, Louis Vuitton bags  Tanvir Taolad

Curated by Sarker Protick


Date 13th June, Friday

Time: 5:00pm

Venue: Pathshala (Studio)

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