International Photography Programme 2018



 The 5th International Photography Programme would be held in two prime destinations- Kathmandu and Dhaka. The students will experience and connect closely with the cities and its people. The first three months of the programme would be held in Kathmandu, Nepal and the remaining three months would be conducted in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The six months International Photography Programme offers possibilities to fully submerge in photography for the participants of different backgrounds, cultures and ages. It is an intense period during which the student will have the opportunity to examine and experiment her/his views and understanding of the medium, stepping out from traditional photography practice to develop fresh visual languages. The programme is mentored by industry professionals, who will convey their knowledge and professional expertise with passion. The aim of this progamme is to allow students to experiment with different visual styles, formats, transforming techniques into aesthetics and most importantly, developing a personal language.


The works will be reviewed to push the clichés on photographing social issues, personal stories and fictions. The participants will aim to gain a certain level of sensibility in photographic practice, which may organically grow as emotive response, instinctive expression or conscious and intellectual acts of art.

The accomodation facility for both the destinations will be provided by Pathshala.The participants will live in a shared residence [two person in one room] which is comfortable, intimate and fully-furnished. It takes 15 to 20 minutes from the school, the residence not only facilitates security but also them allows the students to stay together to maximize the exchange of ideas and thoughts.


Engaging with South- Asian Photo Festival:

This program will bring up with an intimate observation and experience of world renowned photography festival in Kathmandu which is called Photo Kathmandu. The photography festivals would set a framework for community engagement and will give a space to know more about the contemporary art and the importance of visual literacy. The main takeaways would be the practical experience and creative enrichment which will come from seeing the works of local and international artists. The students will also get an opportunity to indulge themselves in education programme such as workshops, portfolio review sessions, artist talks, gallery walk with the artists and many more.

_D6A4206Chemi Dorje

Course Structure:


Phase 1: Developing a Language

  • Craft Building
  • Visual Styles and Formats
  • Approach and Aesthetics
  • Photo Kathmandu Festival

Phase 2: Constructing Narration/Series

  • Approaching People and Community
  • Exploring Space
  • Story-Telling Approach: Linear, Non-Linear and Thematic
  • Visual Narrative Construction
  • Review Sessions

Phase 3: Building a Personal Project

  • Long-term Project
  • Photo Editing

Phase 4: Final Project


Phase 5: Professional Practice

  • Photo Editing
  • Book Making: Craft and Aesthetics
  • Exhibition Designing













Programme Duration: [10 October 2018 -30 March 2019]
Destination: Nepal & Bangladesh
Portfolio Submission Deadline: 15 September 2018
Class Starts: 10 October 2018
Fees: 4200 Euro [tuition fees + Accommodation only]

Application Process:

    • A complete CV
    • Motivation letter (500 words) describing why you want to avail this progarmme
    • One body of work containing stories/ series; (12-15 photographs)
    • Image Specification: 1200 pixel longest side JPEG Format

Please kindly submit your portfolio to

For Information:

Photography Department
House: 58, Road: 15/A (New), Road: 26 (Old), Dhanmondi Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh
Tel: +8802 9115044; Mob:  +880 1795 094 271


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