International Photography Program 2016

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International Photography Program (Dhaka & Kathmandu)

Portfolio Submission Deadline Extended: 13 September 2016
Program Starts: 01 October 2016

Total Cost of the Program: € 3500

Pathshala will offer International Photography Program 2016-17  in two different destinations where the students’ will be able to explore the spaces in a more dynamic way and will provide assistance to experiment in developing their body of work. The first phase of the program would be held in Kathmandu, Nepal where the duration would be for three months and later the second phase of the two months would be conducted in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The program is designed to an intense level for the students where they could accomplish to create a personal voice and it will help to exchange thoughts and ideas in their very own visual expression in Photography, through a traditional, intimate and informal learning method.

The first three Months in Kathmandu the students will focus on the core objectives of the program: Craft Buiding, Technical aspect and knowledge on Aesthetics, Approaching People & Community, Exploring Space, Group Review Sessions, Story Telling: Linear, non-linear and Thematic Visual Narrative, Contemporary Narrative Construction Develop Personal Body of Work. The work of the students will be constantly reviewed by the tutor and this time, the students will be able to attend the Photo Kathmandu festival which will be starting in the late of October 2016

The continuation of the program will be held in Dhaka for the rest two Months. The content will resume on Advanced Digital Post Production, Editing Workshop, Studio & Still life, Chobi Mela (International Festival of Photography in Bangladesh):Workshop, Assisting Exhibition Curating, Portfolio Review, Network building, Book Making

Mentored by industry professionals, the program’s focus on practical sessions is underpinned by a theoretical component within its curriculum. Students will brush up their technical skills on different visual styles, formats, languages and varied approaches initially and learn transforming techniques into aesthetics and sequentially, into a personal language. Participants will also focus on developing bodies of work in different methods where conventions of traditional and contemporary approach will be taken into discussion. The works will be constantly questioned and reviewed to push the clichés on photographing social issues, personal stories and fictions. Comprehension will be developed to understand the world from deep within and varied perspectives. The residency program aims to inspire different practices of photography and internalization of specific ways of seeing. The participants will aim to gain a certain level of sensibility in photographic practice, which may organically grow as emotive response, instinctive expression or conscious and intellectual acts of art.

This program will bring up with an intimate observation and experience of world-­‐renowned international photography festivals: Chobi Mela IX and Photo Kathmandu.

Applying Process:
1. A complete CV of yours.
2. Motivation letter (500 words) describing why you want to avail this program.
3. One body of work containing (stories/ series; 12-15 Photographs) Specification: 1200 pixel longest side JPEG Format.

Please kindly Submit your Portfolio to the email id:

The work of Pathshala students is remarkable for its range, but there is underlying strand that binds it together: a firm belief that the art of photography, cannot, must not, limit itself to the aesthetic alone. The compulsion to address wrong, regardless of the vocabulary of the art, is what holds this creative chaos together.

Unlike other schools of photography, Pathshala has been able to accommodate and thrive on this diversity. Freed from the need to conform, unencumbered by role models other than in ethics and philosophy, each artist has found a unique signature, where the greater signature of the school only becomes apparent when one steps back to see the bigger picture.



Pathshala Instructors:

Shahidul Alam, Principal

04A photographer, writer, curator and activist, Shahidul Alam obtained a PhD in chemistry at London University before switching to photography. He returned to his hometown Dhaka in 1984, where he photographed the democratic struggle to remove General Ershad. A former president of the Bangladesh Photographic Society, Alam set up the award-winning Drik agency, the Bangladesh Photographic Institute and Pathshala, the South Asian Institute of Photography, considered one of the finest schools of photography in the world. Director of the ChobiMela festival and chairman of Majority World agency, Alam’s work has been exhibited in galleries such as MOMA in New York, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Royal Albert Hall in London and The Museum of Contemporary Arts in Tehran. A guest curator of the National Art Gallery in Malaysia and the Brussels Biennale, Alam’s numerous photographic awards include the Mother Jones and the Andrea Frank Awards. He has been a jury member in prestigious international contests, including World Press Photo, which he chaired. A Honorary Fellow of the Bangladesh Photographic Society and the Royal Photographic Society. Alam is a visiting professor of Sunderland University in the UK.

Abir Abdullah, Faculty, Photo Journalism  

1376381_10151705790366811_252950281_nAbir Abdullah photographs people close to him, people he has somehow been touched by. Taking on personal projects and doing in-depth sensitive work, on stories that mattered to him at a personal level. The qualities in Abir and his work, honesty, courage, clarity, will be termed traditional by many, and indeed the style of his work is of the classical mood of the photographers he admires, Sebastiao Salgado, Raghu Rai. But his is a gentle bravery that is perhaps timeless. Abir Abdullah was born in1971 in Bagerhat in Southern Bangladesh. He obtained masters in Marketing (M. Com) from Dhaka University, before taking up photography. He was a student of the first batch of students of Pathshala and completed a three-year seminar (Pleasure of Life) assigned and supported by World Press Photo Foundation- Netherlands. Worked as freelance photographer from 1994 to 1995. Worked as a staff photographer at Drik Picture Library from 1996 to 2005 and photography tutor at the Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is currently working for the European Press photo Agency (EPA) as Bangladesh correspondent. Photographs published in Blink, Time, Newsweek, Der Speigel, New Internationalist, Guardian, International Herald Tribune, Asiaweek, Elmundo, Stern, Geo etc. Abir’s sensitive work on environmental issues is especially notable. His numerous awards include Mother Jones, NPPA, Days Japan, and Islamic Unity-Iran. His photographs have been exhibited in Europe, South America, Asia and the U.S. His work has been published in the World Press Photo book New Stories and Phaidon Press’ Blink.

Munem Wasif, Faculty, Documentary Photography

wasif-portraitHaving grown up in a small town Comilla, Munem Wasif’s dream kept changing from becoming a pilot to a cricket player and then a photographer. He found his graduation in photography from Pathshala (Photography school) a life changing experience, which made him aware of his stories, gave him a photographic voice to photograph the dying industry and afflicted workers of jute and tea, excluded people and disrupt lands due to environmental change and salt water, a nostalgic city of love, Old Dhaka. Wasif prefers to photograph his known people, therefore his country Bangladesh, just to start from the inside of a story. Wasif won ‘City of Perpignan Young Reporter’s Award’ (2008) at Visa pour I’image. Prixpictet commission (2009), F25 award for concerned photography from Fabrica (2008), Joop Swart Masterclass (2007). His photographs have been published in Le Monde, Sunday Times Magazine, Geo, Guardian, Politiken, Mare, Du, Days Japan, L’espresso,Liberation, Wall Street Journal and many others. He had exhibitions worldwide including, Musee de elysee&Fotomuseam Winterthur in Switzerland, Kunsthal museum &Noordelicht festival in Netherlands, Angkor Photo festival & Photo PhonmPhen in Cambodia, WhitechappelGallery in England, Palais de Tokyo & Visa pour I’image in France and Chobimela in Bangladesh. Since 2008, he is represented by Agence Vu in Paris. He was one of the curators of Chobimela VII, International Festival of Photography. His book ‘Belonging’ published in France by Clementine de la Ferroniere in September 2013 is about Old Dhaka, the historic part of the countries capital Bangladesh.

Tanzim Wahab, Faculty, History of Photography

Tanzim_PPPAfter graduating in photography from Pathshala South Asian Media Insitute, Tanzim Wahab (b.1986) has continued to work as an independent photographer and lecturer based in Dhaka. Since 2013, Tanzim is Faculty of Pathshala South Asian Media Institute. He is one of the curators of Chobimela International Photo Festival ( Jointly with his co-editor Munem Wasif, he published two editions of Kamra- A comprehensive bangla book of photography on setting ideas and debates in photographic history & theories ( His photographic work was published and presented in Saudi Aramco World, The Daily Star, New Nation, Chobimela V Digital Show etc. He has participated in Train the Trainer workshops by Kevin Burden, World Press Photo, Amsterdam and Dr. Ulrich Gaertner, Dhaka. As teacher and assistant teacher, he has taught in several national and international workshops, including Oslo University & Pathshala Collaborative International Reportage Workshop, Kathmandu, Chobimela International Photo Festival Workshops IV & V, Dhaka, Telling the Stories, Chittagong, Sylhet and Kathmandu. Over time, his passion has grown for teaching photography to children and he taught for UNICEF Adolescent Program and Anchor Photo Festival, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Sarker Protick, Faculty, Personal Project

SARKER PROTICKSarker Protick was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a teenager he wanted to be a musician and songwriter, but discovered photography around the age of 24. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, he enrolled at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute to learn photography.In 2014, he was named in British Journal Of Photography’s annual ‘Ones to Watch’. The same year, Sarker was selected for the World Press Photo JoopSchwartMasterclass In 2015, he went on to win a World Press Photo award for his story ‘What Remains’ and also named for PDN’s 30.

Sarker’s photographs have been published in The New York Times, GEO Magazine, The New Yorker, Liberation, Sunday Times, National Geographic, The British Journal of Photography, The Zeit, among many others. His work has been exhibited at Chobi Mela International Photography Festival, Noorderlicht Photo Festival, Photovisa Festival, Organ Vida Festival of Photography, Dhaka Art Summit, Tokyo month of Photography, Festival of Promenades Photographiques, Foto Festiwal Lodz, Norway’s national festival of documentary photography and photojournalism etc. Sarker is a member of VII Photo Agency and currently teaching at Pathshala South Asian Media Academy.


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