Muktochokh celebrates the 15 Years Anniversary of Pathshala.

“Muktochokh – Pathshala Photography Society” is a photography club under Pathshala – South Asian Media Institute. This club is organized and managed by Pathshala students and tutors. Any student of Pathshala is eligible to be a member of this club. Specially students who have done their Basic or Foundation Course in Photography from Pathshala, are highly encouraged to join in Muktochokh.

Muktochokh is a platform of those people who are passionate about photography. It is a place where members can share what they think and visualize it through their cameras. It is the bridge between amateur and professional photographers to exchange their ideas, artistic vision, perspective, technical knowledge, spirit and enthusiasm.


Muktochokh – Pathshala Photography Society 16, Sukrabad, Panthapath, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh Email:

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