Abhijeet Ghosh




I pursued Computer Science and Engineering. I started my career as a computer programmer, where I got opportunity to work with an organization which works on Image processing. Here, I got a completely new perspective of looking into digital images, the technical side, where an image is nothing but an arrangement of pixels constituting a pattern. I learnt the mathematics behind several image processing techniques.


I came to know about Pathshala from Nirvair Singh Rai who is the current Alumni of Pathshala, whom I started following after he won NatGeo Covershot. I didn’t had any formal training in photography, and Pathshala’s International Photography Program was a perfect opportunity to dive deep into the world of photography and start a journey of building the photographer in me. Over the years of self-learning and creating photographs of several genres, I have developed a love for fine art photography, and admiration for documentary photography. I want to merge these two genres, creating photographs where surrealism meets reality.  The proper guidance from Pathshala’s esteemed faculty, and staying and sharing ideas with other fellow photographers have provided me a favorable environment to discover my own voice in photography.