Emily Wabitsch


528hz is a work based on the sound frequency of 528hz, also called Fibonacci frequency.
This work builds upon the hypothesis that, much alike an invisible energy connecting all forms of life and physical appearances, there also exists a particular frequency in sound that connects all the elements of the tangible world.
My research, which I conduct in the stone mining town of Jaflong, Sylhet, consists of exposing stone workers as well as objects and landscapes to the frequency and to observe and register the effects.

from cox’s with love

and when our liquid soul
in your waxed collars
and with drops we write on waves
that belonging is forever
then it is
nice weather

Emily Wabitsch was born in Hamburg, grew up and completed her education in France and Switzerland.
She has worked for newspaper and wire agency in Peru and Germany.
It is from the Peruvian art critique and curator Jorge Villacorta, who had previously worked with Shahidul Alam, that Emily came to know about Pathshala.
She joined the International semester to deepen her knowledge about photography, get new inspirations and the aim of developing a personal voice and language of expression.