Indira Kumar

Shifting Valley
The roads are getting wider, the buildings are going higher. The city
is changing everyday. The houses built with mud and bricks are being
replaced by concrete high rise buildings. It is a time of transition where the
old & the new are trying to co-exist. In this photographic series I tried to
capture this space, which is both old and new at the same time.


I am from Chennai, India. I finished my graduation in Information Technology
and was working as a software engineer. I found no satisfaction in the day job. I quit
my job in the intention of pursuing my passion as a photographer. Photography, to
me, is a visual language through which I can express emotions and thoughts. When
I quit my job to start working as a photographer, I wanted to join a photography
school, to learn to express my ideas visually.

I was introduced to Pathshala by Steevez Rodriguez, who undertook the 2nd
International Photography Program. When I saw the work of Munem Wasif and
Sarker Protick, It inspired me so much to join Pathshala and the learn the craft.