Krupa Gandhi

Age 32 from: India, Gujarat

Children of Borders

This work focuses on capturing children who reside close to the India-Bangladesh Border at Lalakhal, near Jaflong and mine stones and coal at the border. It was an effort to understand their state of mind and relationship with each other as well as the space. They did the same work all day and I also sensed some sense of insecurity and silence in them. At the same time their connection with each other could be felt.

In between Life and Living

And the wind blew towards the sand

To question her being

Ignorant about her vastness,

She laughed

Her delusion it was,

For the sand was invincible

Born of the mountain and the sea

Resting was she with a quiet temper,

When the wind moved closer to her

She whispered

And truth prevailed

Tired of deception

The wind now lay still

To watch her evolve

These photographs are an effort to capture the life and space of the fishing community living in Kutubdiapara village, Cox’s Bazaar

Soldier of Fortune

And one day sun slipped into the ocean

Unwanted it was to the sky now

It became cold, blind

And shed its colour

Unable to find itself

It lives with the gone

Floating in the invariable

This work is dedicated to 70 year old Billu who lives outside his deceased sister’s house – Apartment No. 60, Shankhari Bazaar, in Old Dhaka. It is an attempt to understand his bygone days which revolve around his identity as a Film representative of Cinema in Bangladesh. These representatives, once upon a time, played an important role in screening films across cinema houses and reporting its revenue figures in Bangladesh. Nowadays Billu begs for work and money. His failing physical and mental health does not get him any work. In a way, his life conveys the current state of single screen cinema houses in Dhaka.

Krupa Gandhi

Krupa Gandhi has completed her Masters in Communication and worked with many International NGOs. She was visiting random photography pages through online  and found the link of  Pathshala and  keep her research to understand the institute  and the information she get convinced her to come in Bangladesh to study photography in Pathshala. By obtaining International Photography Program she pursued a good direction which can help her with her independent photography project.