Magnus Holm




I am from Denmark and 26 years old. I am currently enrolled in a photojournalism program at the Danish School of Journalism, which will end in the fall 2015. In high school, I became strongly interested in photojournalism after reading a book by Henrik Saxgren called Tid (“Time” in English). Before that I always wanted to do documentary films, but the book changed my focus to the power of telling stories through still images. I started following photojournalists work in Denmark, and I signed up for a day-school that offered both journalism and photo classes. Before I knew it, I was accepted to the Danish School of Journalism, where I am still a student today. In 2011, I began an 18-month long internship at the Danish Daily Politiken. I ended my internship with more experience and believe I have become a much better photojournalist in all aspects of the field—learning how to research for stories, working closely with journalists, meeting and interacting with different kinds of people, and much more.It was a very big chance for me to attend Pathshala South Asian Media Institute.Bangladesh is a very interesting country – especially in our time right now – with many important issues to put focus on. I think that not only will the program at the school be a learningful experience for me, but also living in a country so different from my own will help me get a bigger understanding of the world and teach me how to communicate the things I find important to share in a better way.