Mahendra Khadka


I was born and raised in Nepal, a place where tranquility is not hard to find. Dhaka is one of the fastest growing cities of the world. With a population density of 115000 per square mile and 15 million lives in total living in the city, peace seemed to be an elusive luxury. But I was intent to find this elusive peace not only in this chaos of the city but also in the people who live here.

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Mahendra Khadka, born and brought up in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is a freelance photographer. As a teen he always has that curiosity about the process of photography which gradually kept growing till his adulthood.

He was doing his Bachelor’s degree in management when he started his photography.It was a challenge to start and go through the process of being a freelance photographer. Then he attended one workshop at Photo Circle about Story Telling, which exposed  him to  a complete new dimension in photography.

Apart from the workshop he engaged himself with volunteering tasks at Photo Kathmandu. During this phase he got inspired to explore more, and decided to join Pathshala for his further progress and deep understanding of photography.