Sagar Chhetri


Sagar Chhetri, 24, is a Nepalese freelance photographer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sagar was studying in last year of his bachelor’s degree in Business Management while he discovered photography that he remembers as a turning point in his career. Sagar recently graduated in International photography program (1st Batch) from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He mostly enjoys photography to develop visual content of his personal interest. Sagar also works on commission on editorial documentary for newspapers. His works has been published in newspapers like The Gaurdain, The Observer, Himal Magazine and The Kathmandu Post. He is currently working as a program assistant & Photographer in Photo.Circle, Nepal. He is directly engaged with the team to organize Photo Kathmandu, the newest Photo festival in international photography festival circuit, globally, which is happening for the first time in Nepal this November.

Life Changing experience, six months, international Photography Semester, Pathshala.

I am really glad to have joined one of the finest photography school that I have ever came across, to nurture my photography learning’s. Pathshala is like those places where you will always find something inspiring every day, either you are listening to some of the finest brains in photography inside the classroom or you hang around the building with your fellow mates or just sit alone in the terrace under that mango tree having a cup of Cha (tea).  A shared residence provided to us close by the campus where I met some compassionate bunch of people with whom I developed an everlasting bond of camaraderie that should be the most valuable thing that you will bring back home. Pathshala has been a synonym of photography, despite of any nationality or ethnic background you belong to, there you will find yourself among many others with whom you will share a common identity which will make you feel that you are not alone in a new country.