Tom Bradley

Age: 29: UK


He is graduated in Zoology in 2005. Two years ago, working for a number of NGOs in Bangladesh, I met Munem Wasif. He brought me to Pathshala where I spent a very welcome evening talking with other photographers about their projects. It was an incredibly relaxed atmosphere – with students and staff mixing alike – and I was very impressed by all that I saw and heard. I have since become very familiar with and interested in the work of various Pathshala alumni, including Munem Wasif, Sarker Protick and Jannatul Mawa.

Pathshala’s high standard of teaching and the welcoming atmosphere was an amazing experience to make it the ideal location for me to hone my photographic practice and develop my identity as a photographer. The International Photography Course has not only allowed me to be inspired by the teachers, pupils and environment around me, but also gave me the skills I need to take my work to the next level. In turn, I believe that I would be a strong participant to have on the course – able to share my experiences from working across the world in many different cultures. I have always wanted to do an extended course and I am very excited about this one at Pathshala.