Uma Bista


Our society has fixed women’s identity as someone’s mother, sister, girlfriend, daughter, wife or mistress. It’s as if, independently their existence is incomplete.What we do, how we dress, what we say is scrutinized constantly. Our whole purpose of being has become proving ourselves to the society, by staying bound by the shackles it provides for us.   It suffocates me the boundaries, these endless rules that I have to follow as a woman. I am tired of being in this society dominated by men. I want to dominate.


Since my child age I do not want to depend upon my parents. Always dreamt to fly in my own world. So, I had start working from my young age. Recently I crossed my 25 years. I had experienced many things within this time span. However, I recall my past days I go to the dreamy world. Now I want to see my memory through other girls who have similar feelings as mine.


Uma Bista (b. 1990) is a visual storyteller based in Nepal.  She is currently working as a photojournalist for Annapurna Post, a leading daily Newspaper in Nepal. Uma recently graduated in International photography program 2016/17 from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her works have been widely published in nationally and internationally. Her works have been exhibited at Kathmandu, Kathmandu, The Constant Change, Opportunity Knocks in Chobi Mela VII, Understanding Gender, Photographers in Nepal at Japan 2015 and She a solo exhibition in Kathmandu 2013, and Birganj 2014. Her pictures have been published in books The Constant Change and Nepal the Land of Contrast.