Nokta: Publishing House


Pathshala Alumni Arifur Rahman Munir started his publishing house ‘Nokta’, it regularly publishes imperative books  on photography, film, and art.

On the occasion of World Photography day Nokta published second edition of Bangla translation of ‘On Photography’ by Susan Sontag.

On Photography is a polemic set of essays about photography. It belongs to the plane of philosophy and discourse. Susan Sontag has tried to understand the image culture, image politics, and image psychology of her time by shedding light on photography from various angles. Her writing encompasses Greek philosophy, literature, music, art and architecture since the European Renaissance and the texts of politics of the 20th century.

On Photography is a hugely stimulating reading on the paradigm shift of visual culture during the 20th century. It was the time when the visual sensation was taking control of the individual, society, reality, morality, desire, and consumption.

Sontag has shown in this book that photography itself creates an environment of images which displaces the parts of the world from their history and relevancy, and makes them into surreal visual sensations. This impacts human experiences and “makes everyone a tourist in other people’s reality, and eventually in one’s own.”

The book is about this all-pervading event—photography.

  • Author: Susan Sontag, Translator: Mahmudul Hossain
  • Publisher: Nokta, Cover: Shishir Bhattacharia
  • First Published on: Magh 1419, January 2013
  • Size: 5.25″ X 8.25″, Total number of pages: 292
  • ISBN:  978 984 33 7078 5




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