Presentation of Pathshala-ECU students Collaborative Workshop

We cordially invite you all to join the presentation of Pathshala-ECU students Collaborative Workshop 2014, where the students will present their body of work.

As Pathshala celebrates 15 years and the Edith Cowan collaboration is in its fourth iteration, there is value in reflecting on the profound changes that photography has undergone over this period.

History has shown that photographers are used to reinventing themselves and they will need to if they are to survive in a world littered with visual excess. Photographers need to embrace new forms of media delivery and take advantage of the ease that images can now be shared, rather than seeing the changing technology as a threat to their very existence.

As much as photography has changed, is there anything which still remain the same? When roughly 350 million images are uploaded to Facebook on a daily basis you have to ask yourself how will your images gain an audience?

Your presence will grace the students and will carry motivation with them.

Program Schedule

Venue: Dhaka Art Center
Dates: 30th and 31st Jan, 2014 (Thursday & Friday)
Time: 3:00PM-7:00PM

We are looking forward to seeing you all on the program


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