Pathshala every year offers Sam Banks Scholarship for the Professional Photography Students. The Scholarship creates an opportunity for the students to continue their photography education further. Sam Banks Scholarship is given by Sam Banks based on UK since 2011 to assist the deserving student/s in the field of Photography.

Bursaries received for 2016/17 from the Sam Banks Memorial Fund: Ankur Arora, Moloy Ranjan Biswas, Pranabesh Das, Shahariare Khan Shihab and Walid Saddam. Out o these names two are students have continued to need the financial support for consecutive years.

Here are some examples of their work and a brief explanation of their themes.

Ankur Arora

Once a popular way to commute, horse-carts in Dhaka are on a decline owing to alternate means and high expenses, making survival difficult for the horsemen. This series of staged photographs show horsemen and their families in front of a backdrop to stand them out, while in the midst of their surroundings.









Moloy Ranjan Biswas

Homecoming Fathers

My story is about how fathers return home at night from outside doing their everyday work. In male dominated society like ours, most of the fathers used to engage themselves in physical labour outside home for earning a living. So after doing all kinds of physical effort for earning a living, fathers used to come back home their families at night. My story “Homecoming Fathers” portrays different types of fathers (based on their economic condition) and how they return home from their work in everyday life.

“Homecoming Fathers” is not only the story of different types of fathers and how they come back home to their families from everyday work but it also portrays the stories of those families and their efforts to fulfill their dreams.

Freelance Photographer

Pranabesh Das

Sunamganj is a district in Bangladesh that is surrounded by extensive marshlands we call Haors. The lives and livelihood of the people of this region centers around these Haors. The biggest supply of rice in the granary of the country comes from this region: a region that is 2500 square miles wide. A melancholic tale emerges as we dig deep into the seemingly beautiful sights. My story is about this Haor, the habitation, and its people. A whole habitation, that changes as soon as the water from the rains enters it. 



Shahariare Khan

Drunk Man Walking to Speak

This body of work is based on one of my written poems.



Walid Saddam

Wallid has continued to photograph those living on the streets in Dhaka – recent work based on a poem Black Cuckoo’s Song











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