Sarker Protick’s work at Baćva Gallery

Organ Vida V005Stories of this year’s finalists describe such a wide arc – from the intimate space of personal suffering (Sarker Protick) and intersection of collective desires and beliefs (Bøje Jeppe Nielsen), to unknown locations in areas where mankind’s future was decided upon (Justin Barton), heterotopia whose recording gives voice to those whose captivity testifies to our weaknesses and paradoxes (Asmita Parelkar) to spaces whose traditional viewpoints is irrevocably changed due do the new economic and political relations (Michele Pallazo).
With ten finalists whose works will be exhibited in Bačva Gallery, the festival’s catalog will offer a space for the presentation of five aditional projects which attracted the (emotional and aesthetic) attention of the jury, and which touch the boundaries of documentary photography with their form and content. Autors are Mario Wezel (Germany), Boštjan Pucelj(Slovenia), Michel Le Belhomme (France), Dusan Rajić (Serbia) and Chloe Bartram(Australia).

Organ Vida V006“Given the fact that „Organ Vida“ made a thematic shift in defining the character of the festival, which will from this year onward be held under the aegis of artistic documentary photography, this year’s propositions were much more specific, but at the same time they could have been interpreted under a very wide context. The theme of this year’s festival, Space, resulted (amongst other things) with a lot of projects which dealt with space in the literal sense (or in a very similar way).

Therefore, the wealth of possible interpretations was one of the red threads which led this year’s jury through the process of selecting projects, while keeping in sight those projects which managed to excel within the traditional documentary aproach to the theme.

Organ Vida V010In this sense, the final selection can be read as a dual reflection: on the one hand it reflects the combined thinking and the preferences and afinities of the jury, and on the other, the works were sought to provide insight in today’s artistic documentary photography- to locate the neuralgic points of modernity in the context of space, as well as trends in the field of formal and visual photographic achievements.” – reported the jury of the 5th International Festival Organ Vida.

Wasif Munem (Bangladesh), Matijaž Brulc (Slovenia), Boris Cvjetanović (Croatia), Ivana Tomanović (Serbia) and Petra Belc (Croatia) selected 10 projects which will be presented at the 5th International Festival of photography Organ Vida in the Bačva Galery (Croatian Assotiation of Artist), and 5 additional projects which will be announced in the festival catalog.

Photograph – Asmita Parelkar

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