Weekend Basic on Photography


The Basic course on Photography offered by Pathshala is designed to equip students with knowledge of the fundamentals of Photography. No significant prior experience in photography is assumed, students are exposed to a learning environment that engages intellectual and creative thinking to develop them into photographers who combine technical know-how with artistic vision to produce distinctive work. The Basic course from Pathshala covers topics that include Composition, Film, Exposure and a broad range of issues, which help the students develop a strong understanding of the fundamentals of photography.

The course will cover:

  • Basic photography: (Photographic image and its influence. Shaping imagination and truth, History of photography)).
  • Camera and lens function: (Different parts of camera, lens, aperture, shutter speed, focus, focal length, etc.).
  • Film, exposure (Talking about film, ISO, Introduction to exposure, How to develop image quality).
  • Composition: (a brief discussion about basic composition on indoor and outdoor light)
  • Light & flash photography: (Basic principle of light, nature of day & artificial light, introduction of flash, flash in daylight, tungsten light, indoor & outdoor lighting).
  • Practice of photography: Black & White and digital (introduction), given assignment.
  • Darkroom Practice: Film processing and contact prints.
  • Darkroom Practice: Enlargement.
  • Digital Photography: Digital concept, Digital vs Analogue, Digital camera operation, etc.
  • Outdoor photography: Digital practice (all students will bring their own digital camera).
  • Review on applied photography: Trouble shooting, Q & A, more on image quality.
  • Examination:  From 3pm – 6pm (a) Written(one hour) and  Viva/practical (2 hours)

GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION:  A new course begins in every month.

Class days                  :  1 days a week (Friday).

Class time                  :  From 3:00pm to 8.00pm ( 2 class , a break in between)

Course fee                :  Tk. 6000/= for per participant


Admission requirements and procedures:

The application for admission must be accompanied by a passport size photographs and the course fee on the day he/she wants to complete the registration.

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